Pristine & Primrose, Spirit Boutique

Showcasing a selection of handmade gemstone jewelry and sculpted items for Polytheists and Pagans, especially focused on jewelry to promote connection with Deity, adornments for Deity icons, and beautifully made vessels to house your familiar spirits, let Pristine & Primrose cater to the needs and wants of your beloved spirit family

Add $10.00 USD per order for domestic shipping within the United States. No International Shipping at this time.

The Owner

Leanne “Columbine” Johnson is a Hellenic Polytheist bride of Apollon, serving her Prince and His Divine Family through her writings, and now through her artistic endeavors with Pristine & Primrose. Opening this spirit boutique has been a long time dream and goal for which she has striven through many hardships, and she takes solace and comfort from the Theoi that her work and planning is at last beginning to bear fruit.

Hail Apollon!

Hail the Blessed Gods of Olympos!